The Barre+Yoga Room will soon be ‘Effin’ Yoga’ as of 2022. We hope you stick with us as we bring new energy to our studio and set down permanent roots in Effingham County!

It will be a bit of a marketing transition for us but we are working to merge our social media platforms and outreach to get everything streamlined to our new branding!

But regardless of what you call us—have you been looking for a place to give you ‘more’ in your practice—or maybe you want to ‘try yoga’ or take some fitness classes and have absolutely no idea where to start or what to expect…

We are here to help! We have classic and traditionally inspired vinyasa classes, yin and gentle yoga for those needing to just find some relaxation and ease in their bodies, and also turn up the energy (and sometimes the heat) with barre, cardio, and buti classes, too.

If you are a beginner we suggest trying gentle yoga and our barre xpress class—but all classes can be modified to any level of ability or experience!

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Practice with us…anywhere…anytime!

Our studio space limits spacing for students to have a comfortable class experience and connection to their instructor. We have a variety of classes from gentle and restorative classes, and calming classes like YIN, to workouts like hot power flows, cardio barre+yoga and even buti yoga.

If you are unsure where to start, a gentle yoga class is always perfect to learn some moves without feeling rushed. If you are a seasoned practitioner and athlete, try any of our classes–all can be modified to work at whatever level you are looking for!

We have extra mats for you to borrow if you do not have your own, free waters, and all the props required for classes. Each class ends with a cool towel soaked in essential oils.

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Contact Us

If you need more information or a little reassurance that we may be the right place for you–email our owner, Mary. She answers all our correspondence and is more than happy to help you navigate our schedule and any other questions you may have.


Connect with us

I found ‘barre’ after having my son 11 years ago. I had danced from age 3 until I was 3 months pregnant with him at 19–and losing my outlet made me lose myself. I started running and doing intense gym workouts–and began an obsession with trying to find my body I had before.

Through a fellow barre instructor at my first teaching ‘gig’, I was introduced to yoga–and that set off a life changing journey that I hope never ends. A daily practice of self seeking, understanding others, appreciating my body rather than punishing it, and moving to love my workouts–not dread them.

That’s why I have decided to spend each day trying to life by the lessons I’ve learned and share the changes I’ve felt with people just wanted to figure out ‘what’s next’, too.

I can’t thank Effingham County enough for welcoming me and my business, my teachers for jumping on board and helping us grow each day, and for everyone else cheering us on from nearby, virtually, or just because they know we exist. We hunkered down through Covid–and we’re hoping to keep going for much much longer! We can’t do it without everyone’s support–and I am eternally grateful.

Thank you. Come practice with us!

—————-Mary Ruth Crouse; Owner