Why B+Y

Our studio space combines grace and toning exercises from barre based workouts with the mental clarity and agility found in yoga. You can transform your body from the inside out!

Practice with us…anywhere…anytime!

Our studio space limits spacing for students to have a comfortable class experience and connection to their instructor.

We have a variety of classes from gentle and restorative classes, and calming classes like YIN, to workouts like hot power flows, cardio barre+yoga and even buti yoga.

Classes are capped at 10 for barre classes and 12 for others due to Covid restrictions at the moment.

If you are unsure where to start, a gentle yoga class is always perfect to learn some moves without feeling rushed.

If you are a seasoned practitioner and athlete, try any of our classes–all can be modified to work at whatever level you are looking for!

We have extra mats for you to borrow if you do not have your own, free waters, and all the props required for classes.

Each class ends with a cool towel soaked in essential oils.

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Contact Us

If you need more information or a little reassurance that we may be the right place for you–email our owner, Mary. She answers all our correspondence and is more than happy to help you navigate our schedule and any other questions you may have.


Connect with us

As a small business owner in times of the Covid 19 pandemic, watching fellow small businesses close has truly been hard. I am humbled, filled with gratitude daily, and overwhelmed by the support our community has given us throughout this last year. Please know B+Y is what it is because of our studio community–and we are here for you more than ever.

—————-Mary Ruth Crouse; Owner