Just keep sharing what you love…

I started thinking about how I have been pulled in so many directions for a while now…I have sewn dresses for half my life now to make extra money, make ends meet, have expensive things for my children that I maybe couldn’t have afforded to purchase myself…and while doing that I found something else that I not only loved–but think I’m kind of ‘good at’.

I’ve lived by an exhausting calendar, a thread filled house and constant headache for quite a while now…and I realized in the last two months that while I love both hobbies and both do in fact help me pay my bills…one needs to be ‘fun’ and the other needs to be ‘work’.

I was raised by women that sew. Like REALLY sew…I learned from them, I worked in stores later that had amazing seamstresses that showed me how to do more meticulous handwork and I taught myself as much as I could over the last decade. I’ve made over 1000 dresses…for all ages and sizes…and the more I take on the more it feels like an uninteresting list of details rather than a craft I love that sweet Margaret and Margaret taught me that summer after college, or a sweet night with my Mimi at her dining table on her Kenmore sewing machine, or helping my mom make piping for pillows (which I HATE, by the way; home dec hates me).

My sweet Addy is so beautiful; I made so much for Nicholas because I had not started teaching at that time–and with Addy I feel I’m losing time and I get sadder every day over it. I lose sleep over it–silly, I know, but when you grow up with women that hand smock dresses for their babies and their babies and you’ll have these dresses forever…you start to feel you’re truly failing at something you NEED to do.

During this, I somehow have a fitness studio that has grown during a pandemic…it literally blows me away everyday. I also was teaching the majority of the barre classes at another fitness studio during this time that won best barre studio in Savannah…those are huge signs to me that I need to pursue my teaching endeavors while my body allows me…so I am.

I believe in sharing what you love–not selling what you do. I share my sewing in photos and gifts when I can and I got so busy in the last 11 years I can’t remember a day my table didn’t have an extra button on it and a machine pushed to the side for dinner (at best; it’s usually way messier than that). I have taught a minimum of 5 classes a week for a decade now because I love to help others feel better, watch them land in their bodies and the stress on their face+neck+shoulders melt away…

So I’m going to keep sharing…and I got to go back to the gulf coast this spring…it is one of my favorite places and where so much of my family still is…so for those that have shared with me and supported me in the last year of stress and business and all the other ‘stuff’, I hope to share this place I love with some of you, too…just to say thank you.

This cottage was quaint, away from the hustle, had amazing sunrises, and the calm of the ocean that just makes you feel ‘new’ every single time you pause and take it in. When I got there with my family in May I practiced with my youngest brother on the front lawn, walked sunrise with my middle brother down the bayside street, and my family did a cookout and dinner in the back courtyard our last night we stayed. I knew it was perfect for a retreat…and somewhere I would love to share with those of you that maybe have never ventured to the gulf coast!

There are so many things about my home state that I love and miss–and I hope that I can share some great things, food, maybe some of my family, and even some fun stops along the way with y’all that earn/win a spot.

Thank you always,


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Hey! I'm Mary. 31 and growing a community of strong female leaders through The Barre+Yoga Room in Effingham County Georgia. This blog is for my own personal connection with life and others, a platform to share things I love, and a way to put my thoughts in the universe.

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