Is yoga really for every body?

Simply put, YES, yoga is really for every one. Yoga is a spectrum of variety, movements, activity level and intensity. That’s what makes it a practice of unifying people and bringing students together—it also makes it accessible for us throughout our lives as our emotional and physical needs change through the seasons.

Many people find yoga looking to lose weight or get more active and then scale back and find the more therapeutic and restorative practices to help them keep their body healthy and repaired.

Many people find yoga in the opposite forms—starting with more restful practices to be able to find some calm and peace and then find inner drive and strength to be in more fiery classes.

The cool thing about yoga is it truly is a journey-every evolving, a million routes to take, tons of different finds and experiences and never one true destination. It can be something you pursue life long and keep finding new things to enrich your existing knowledge and love of practice—and find new things that resonate with you and bleed purpose into other areas of your life.

Most people don’t realize that ‘yoga’ really isn’t about poses at all. It’s about living life in it’s purest, fullest form through your personal interactions, how you fuel and appreciate your body, your breath and recognizing how your choices and your day to day effect those around you. It CAN simply be going to class as the studio or waking up and stretching. But it can also be finding ways to open your energetic pathways and moving your way into moments of stillness where your worries fade away and you just feel ‘ok’ in the moment. When you look at the more energetic means of practice you start to have more fulfillment in your classes and physical movements. Heart opening postures become more like surrendering and release, lunges and warrior poses feel more like moments to gain strength, and savasana really feels like a moment to let the world stand still.

Being part of a studio helps you find variety in your classes and brings you into a community of other people looking for the same things. There’s really no need to say what you need or are looking for because everyone else there is probably seeking the same—maybe just some quiet and a break from the hustle and bustle of the work week.

If you are unsure that yoga is for you due to injury or age or maybe just a fear of people—remember that you can do yoga if you can sit and breathe, and we all do that every single day!

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Hey! I'm Mary. 31 and growing a community of strong female leaders through The Barre+Yoga Room in Effingham County Georgia. This blog is for my own personal connection with life and others, a platform to share things I love, and a way to put my thoughts in the universe.

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