Transitioning to FALL

In studio life, when seasons change—it feels like we have the opportunity to ‘change’, too!

This summer we’ve added a lot of classes, a new padded mat flooring in the practice room, some social media sharing we have not done before, and more options to help everyone find what they need in the studio.

So what does all this transitioning mean…and why should we be opening to change if we are happy where we are?

First of all—no one has to change ANYTHING at all…but sometimes it can be nice to see changes or new things in our days. It gives us new perspective, maybe new appreciation, and perhaps new ideas and inspirations we have not had in a long time. This leads to motivation, encouragement and more ‘want’ in our day to day. Being content in itself is a practice within our yogic lifestyle; finding ways recognize new things in places that really have not changed at all is a great way to be happy with all you have!

This starts in your mental and physical body and can reach outward into your actions, interactions and day to day activities.

We all know the South Georgia heat is smothering…so with cooler weather, enjoy that cool morning, take time to see how lovely the leaves are outside, and maybe add an evening walk to your schedule when you can. Use your time on the mat and in the studio to appreciate that you ‘made it’ there, that you GET to move through these seasons, and that maybe you are working through shedding some ‘skin’, but it will bring brighter seasons in the process.

Remember we are all on different journeys—and if you simply need a place to land and rest your body—we are here for you. If you need more, like trainers to kick your behind or make you sweat and forget about the chaos you had at work or earlier in the day—we can do that, too.

Let this fall be a time to shed, to transition to a restful winter, and to prepare for a blooming springtime in your body!

Published by barre-yoga

Hey! I'm Mary. 31 and growing a community of strong female leaders through The Barre+Yoga Room in Effingham County Georgia. This blog is for my own personal connection with life and others, a platform to share things I love, and a way to put my thoughts in the universe.

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