Keeping Calm—during busy times of the year

This year seems to always be CHAOS. Maybe that’s just the mom life talking, but end of the school year, planning summer vacations and figuring out how to fit kids into camps along with fun days and work and family seems to be quite a feat in the midst of all the other hundreds ofContinue reading “Keeping Calm—during busy times of the year”

Heart Openers + Emotions

In the yoga world we try to sequence (choreograph) our classes and practices to help the body do a variety of things. Sometimes it is truly just to relax, breathe, and feel back with yourself. Sometimes it is to sweat, feel stronger and accomplished–change your body physically which of course works back to our mentalContinue reading “Heart Openers + Emotions”

I didn’t know y’all ‘work out’ there?!

We hear this…like every single day. And we love the response when someone tries any of our fitness classes. It’s a mix of surprise with ‘that was really hard’, a sigh of relief when that cool towel touches their face, and a bit of eagerness to try another one. Yes…we ‘work out’ at The Barre+YogaContinue reading “I didn’t know y’all ‘work out’ there?!”