Gentle Yoga | The perfect place to start and suitable for all skill levels and beginners! This is a slower paced class with poses that will help you feel grounded and strong but also at ease.

Hot Flow | Our hot flow classes are heated to 90 degrees, fast paced and meant to make you sweat.

Buti Yoga | Buti Yoga is a tribal dance infused power yoga class. This is great for anyone that wants to ‘workout’ and does not think yoga is for them–this class will change your mind.

Cardio Barre+Yoga | barre movements, power yoga flow, cardio bursts, and a restorative stretch and cool down at the end of class make this one of your toughest full body workouts of the week

Barre+Yoga | barre movements and toning with weights and other props at the barre add variety to your workout every single class. We also infuse power yoga for extra agility and breath work in our barre+yoga classes, and end with a gentle stretch and savasana.

Barre Xpress | A 45 minute version of Cardio Barre+Yoga to help you sweat, move, and stretch and get out the door a little faster!

YIN | Yin is meant to bring you joint flexibility and help release tension in the connective tissues holding our muscles in place and our bodies together. This is a restful practice and truly brings you peace; it is a perfect pairing for your sweaty workouts to help restore rest to your mind and body.

PULSE 30 | 60 | 90 | Our PULSE classes are heated to 85 degrees and 30, 60 or 90 minutes long. This class is 30% core and pilates based abdominal work, 30% barre based and traditional workout movements for cardio and toning, and 30% power yoga for a full body workout and overall stretch.

FLOW+CORE | Flow + Core is exactly as it sounds–power flow and core work. We do this to hip hop music and the class is heated to 90 degrees; it’s a great workout with a mental release your seeking.

Practicing With Prayer | In practicing with prayer, no matter what faith you have, you can enjoy space and positive music. This class does have scripture and positive readings to help you connect with your beliefs if you choose. If you are not religious, this is still a great way to seek more spiritual connection on the mat.

LIVE OPTIONS | There are 6 classes a week with LIVE options; simply sign up for the LIVE option of class and we will ZOOM you in! You can also request a recording of the class if the time does not work for you. We email the LIVE recordings to our studio members at the end of each month for them to have more practice options when they can not make it to the studio. The LIVES are recorded without the class being seen–the camera is on the teacher.

VIRTUAL STUDIO | We also have a virtual studio with links in a private facebook group; these videos and classes are created specifically with the ease of movements that can be practiced at home without equipement you may not have readily accessible. These are recorded through Vimeo. You can request to join and we will add you to the group.

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